Engine Drill

Engine Drills

When you’re away from power, use a petrol powered drill for portability and power.

When you’re away from a power source, and are in need of power equipment for long periods of time, a generator can be cumbersome to carry around, complicating the process and making the work more inconvenient.

It is for this reason that we recommend our petrol powered drills for our customers using drills in remote areas, such as fencing paddocks etc.

With all of the functionality, bits and power of an electric drill and more, the petrol powered drill not only saves you the energy and money spent on using a generator, but gives you more power and performance from your drill.

Get portable, get remote and get drilling with a petrol powered drill.

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Our Petrol Powered Drills

With over 60 years of experience selling drills, we know our industry well, and have stocked the products that we truly stand behind.

We only work with manufacturers that provide premium products, as we firmly believe in the ongoing quality and thus usability of a product as more important than anything else.

We stock:

  • Stihl
  • Atom

If we stock it, we stand behind its performance.

Talk to an expert at Rimrock today about the right piece of equipment for your application.

Servicing and Maintenance

We recommend a general checkup and service of your drill every 12 months.

However, the unforeseen can happen, and when it does, Rimrock are here with full servicing, replacement of parts and repairs should you require them.

At our annual service of your saw, we’ll

  • Flush tanks
  • Clean carbys
  • Clean / replace air filters
  • Grease the gearbox

As well as a general clean and tidy up. To organise a service, call the team today on 07 4927 7033.

How it Works

  1. Visit us at our showroom for any enquiries related to the supply or servicing of our petrol powered drills
  2. One of our expert team members will recommend a product or service that is suited to your situation.
  3. Delivery and/or pickup can be arranged for larger items, should you require it.
  4. Get in touch again if you have any questions relating to maintenance or use of equipment, servicing and repairs, spare parts and accessories, or any other enquiry.

Still not sure? Call us with any questions you have.