Service your small motors book now before the rains come to Central Queensland

Its hot and dry at the moment here in Central Queensland and its the best time to look at your small motors to book them in for a service. Don’t wait till the rain gets here to find out you need;

  • new blades on your mower or
  • a spark plug or
  • you’ve run out of 2 stroke oil
  • maybe the chainsaw needs sharpening
  • filters need checking
  • line for your trimmer

Here at Rimrock Agencies in Rockhampton, we provide you with a one stop shop where you can grab your parts and service your equipment yourself, or you can book your outdoor power equipment into our workshop so we can do it for you. Call on 49 277 033

Did you know that we have a truck that can come to most areas to pickup and deliver your equipment for service?

If you find that you outdoor power unit is sitting for long periods of time and your fuel is not lasting between uses, have a talk to our trained staff and look at the different Fuel Stabilizers that are available to find one that will suit your needs. Reducing the risk of stale fuel will help with maintaining your equipment. Ask us about the Fuel Stabilizers when your ready for your next service.

When you are servicing your hedge trimmer blades, cutting attachments and saw chains you can use the Resin solvent spray with dual function. It removes resin and dirt, while being a lubricant and corrosion protector. Ask us about the Resin solvent spray for your next service.

Were here to help you maintain your investment you have made in your outdoor power products.



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